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[Poem] Dead Space

More intricate than a universe

My thoughts linger in the night

Mapping stars I hoped would yield a warm and lasting light

Wishing that they’d cross so that you’d be my destined lover

While I knew the links to you would always tangle with another

And that was too much to bear

The stars I mapped would disappear

Exploding dying stars would leave a cold and cast a fear

As I watch them stir a sea

Every whirlpool a black hole

And as my mind wafts about them they’ll tear apart my soul

Soon there will be nothing left

But these tears on my face

And the cries of how I loved you

That float in dead space.

[Poem] Crush

With each giggle and smile you send a hope to my chest

Where forgotten butterflies manifest, and flutter without rest

The climbing tempo of their wings match my heart, and they soon will take flight

Your words the wind under their wings letting them soar into the night

And under the pale moon they’ll dance to the memory of your voice

 The sweet whistle of air heard whenever I lay under the stars

 Orchestrating the winds of your words to waft into my dreams

Where I hold the butterflies you made and their warm light gleams

But in my shadow of doubt they grow dull, and turn to dust in an instant

And my hopes of us being close grow ever more distant

For your gestures in my eyes lean towards our connection

But I may have a biased rationale after closer inspection

So let your intentions be distinct, shine a light, make it red

Make it bright enough for me to see the thoughts in your head

If you can help it, don’t let another butterfly die in vein

And let the chant of maybes drive me insane

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[Poem] Searching (again)

For this one girl I’ll search 
Go in head first, head strong 
In hopes I’ll find her and say 
“I knew you were there all along” 
And it’s been long since I’ve gone for a look 
Since you seem harder to find than an unwritten book 
Yet when you’re found you’ll complete my story 
Be the words that one day will compose my happily ever after 
And with every chapter there after being filled with laughter 
This tale will begin with a struggle 
But I know we’ll push through 
Since this is the very essence of you  
To be eternally enduring 
Your slight mention alluring feelings that I hoped to cloak to seem strong 
Shadowing fear that I may not find you 
And even if I do how do I know if it’s true? 
I’m too secure in the insecurity that don’t deserve the joy you’ll bring 
And I’ll end up with a fake to be left cold and suffering 
Because I refuse to be a fool of such a person’s glamor 
And stammer in naïve awe of their luster 
Losing all strength I could muster and feel weak once again 
Cause in this weakness my mind can too easily break and bend 
The logic that has been my only friend to protect my heart without end 
But comes at the cost of leaving me in a paradox of 
Can I love you? 
Is it safe? 
No don’t try 
Pass her by 
Repeatedly thinking when I should be feeling what it is to be an us 
But I don’t have that kind of trust that when you find me 
You’ll go in head first, head strong 
Tell me that you knew I was the one all along 
And that the love in our hearts will equally weigh 
So that I don’t have to go searching in vain another day 

**I decided to edit this to fit the specifications of a poetry contest. It was free and who knows. I might have $1000 bucks come to me in the mail one day lol**

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